meatless monday — spicy garlic corn on the cob

did i mention i hate corn

did i mention i hate corn

i hate corn. always have. don’t like it on the cob, in casseroles, or in the form of chips about the only form of corn i like is popcorn and i didn’t like that till college. taste, texture and the fact that it really should just be feed to live stock are all things i detest about it. however the last few years i’ve worked on learning to like foods i hate. i’ve conquered olives, onions, peppers….now mushrooms i’m still working on, its a texture thing. this summer i thought i’d brave forth and conquer my life long enemy food, corn. what a way to start too, farm fresh sweet corn grown along the missouri river, who could get better than that. i stemmed it then rolled it in butter, red pepper and garlic. to accompany it a homegrown tomato and avocado salad. well the salad was yum and i liked the concept of an ear of corn being a whole meal HOWEVER totally disappointed in the corn, still didn’t like the taste and the texture is just gross. but i’m not declaring defeat just yet oh no i am determined to find the beauty in corm.

meatless monday —- veggie dumplings with summer fried rice

i think i'm addicted to peanut sauce

i think i’m addicted to peanut sauce

at the asian market i like to go to they have this great BIG bag of frozen veggie dumplings almost 3 whole pounds worth. i love it! i also love creating fried rices, i feel they are sort of the kitchen sink of asian foods, throw in all your almost dying veggies and make them yum! i’ve dubbed this fried rice a “summer fried rice” why? well because it has all my dad’s fresh veggies in it. the man i swear gives me about 3 giant cucumbers everytime i come over. thus the rice had cucumber, onion, tomatoes, and carrots plus fresh basil and ginger, always add ginger. my dumplings stemmed while my peanut sauce simmered. who needs chinese take-out when i’ve got this?

meatless moday —- homemade pasta please

why don't i do this every time i make pasta?!

why don’t i do this every time i make pasta?!

when i started dishing up the meal for friends to eat the list got pretty long of homemade goodness….bread was homemade, noodles made that afternoon, grew the basil myself, veggies in salad came from family garden and for dessert homemade pie including my own crust. what i created for meatless monday is no doubt one of my favorite at home meals/treats to myself of all time……pasta with tomato sauce, garlic-basil cheese bread, salad and french silk pie for dessert. i love this meal. its my date with myself meal. its comfort on a plate meal. its put in moonstruck and eat italian food meal. and of course drink loads of wine. the question though i caught myself asking over and over….why don’t i make fresh pasta noodles all the time? seriously it is so easy and its sssssooooo good. i think perhaps i’ve found my next cookbook challenge the pasta bible!

meatless monday — greek pizza

pizza pie baby!

pizza pie baby!

after a recent trip to the world of bulk shopping i came to realize i had stocked up on everything greek…..olives, artichokes, tomatoes, feta, red onion. how many things can i turn greek was the question pasta and pizza top of the list. i made a wholewheat-honey crust….secret tip to making your own dough….let it rise twice, it makes it lighter and fluffier which is really good for a hearty wholewheat. instead of traditional sauce i used tahini, loads of it and then all my mouth watering greek toppings. yes my eyes were a bit bigger than my stomach as i rolled out the giant size pizza crust but it was so pretty and soooo tasty! any ways who can beat leftover pizza!