meatless monday — spicy garlic corn on the cob

did i mention i hate corn

did i mention i hate corn

i hate corn. always have. don’t like it on the cob, in casseroles, or in the form of chips about the only form of corn i like is popcorn and i didn’t like that till college. taste, texture and the fact that it really should just be feed to live stock are all things i detest about it. however the last few years i’ve worked on learning to like foods i hate. i’ve conquered olives, onions, peppers….now mushrooms i’m still working on, its a texture thing. this summer i thought i’d brave forth and conquer my life long enemy food, corn. what a way to start too, farm fresh sweet corn grown along the missouri river, who could get better than that. i stemmed it then rolled it in butter, red pepper and garlic. to accompany it a homegrown tomato and avocado salad. well the salad was yum and i liked the concept of an ear of corn being a whole meal HOWEVER totally disappointed in the corn, still didn’t like the taste and the texture is just gross. but i’m not declaring defeat just yet oh no i am determined to find the beauty in corm.


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