A Pie That Changed My Life

5 years ago I saw the movie Waitress for the first time. I liked it. I wouldn’t say I loved it, but it did make me want to make a pie from scratch–AND that one pie did change my life.

It made me wake up at dawn to practice my pie crust every week. It made me give pie away to others. It made me work with my hands, my brain, and most importantly, my heart. It made me look at my world in a whole new way, through my tastebuds.

It made me want to live a whole pie life–AND I do. Any time I doubt who I am, or why I exist, all I have to do is make a pie and remember when I decided to actually start living and licking all my pie plates clean. 

What was the pie that changed my life forever? The Falling In Love Chocolate Mousse Pie from Waitress. It helped me fall in love with cooking, no telling what it might do for you? 


Falling In Love Chocolate Mousse Pie


9 inch baked pie crust

1  14oz can of condensed milk

2/3 cup of water

1  4 serving package of cook and serve chocolate pudding

 1 oz. of unsweetened dark chocolate

1 pint of whipping cream


In a saucepan, combine condensed milk, pudding, water and mix well.

Over medium heat, add chocolate and stir until melted. Whisk the mixture until it thickens.

Remove from heat. Cool then put in fridge to chill throughly (an hour is good).

Stiffly whip cream using a mixer. 

Fold whipped cream into chilled pudding mixture and beat until smooth.

Scoop into pie crust. Put it in the fridge and chill until set.

Meatless Monday…..it feels like a Monday


not pictured…giant glass of wine

And then there are those Mondays that just feel like Monday.  This Monday, my mistake hitting up Trader Joes after work while hungry What ended up in the basket multiple wheels of goat cheese Brie & oh several bottles of $3 chuck. What goes best with this cheese wonderful eas…..dill & sea salt crackers,peach slices from the farmers market (fyi toss a few into a glass of white wine..your welcome) Monday hello & good bye!

Meatless Monday : curried egg salad melt with onion rings

when making egg salad does anyone else every think of the egg salad speech from the movie the mystery men?!


i always like to add a little twist when making melts in my sandwich maker, tonight’s take on egg salad ….. curried egg salad.  and who can say no to some onion rings too!

melty cheesey

melty cheesey


RECIPE:  Curried Egg Salad

(makes 2 cups of salad)

4 hard boiled eggs — peeled & chopped

1/2 cup mayo

1/4 cup chopped green

1 TBSP curry Powder

1 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp ground mustard

1/2 tsp crushed red pepper

*stir together all ingredients in a bowl until evenly mixed enjoy with crackers, on a bed of lettuce or i highly recommend cinnamon raisin bread!


4th of July Pies for One and For All!

I’ve got new pie recipes on Hallmark’s think.make.share blog! I like to think of it as a deconstructed American flag, but feel free to think of it as individual blueberry and cherry pies. Private pies at public parties are the best–always enough dessert for everyone.


Check out the link for the recipes!


Meatless Monday–extra garlicky spinach-artichoke vegan Alfredo 

more garlic please

this week is leftover week…..aka time for a bit of creativity on something you’ve already eaten 2 times before.  Last week I did a dip night for dinner, vegan spinach-artichoke heart deep, for tonight’s meatless Monday take that dip add loads more garlic some Oregon olive oil and I’ve got myself some yummy pasta. Hello 3 buck chuck of wine, you make Mondays worth it!


Frozen Grapes? Wine Not?


You know when you eat something like almost 20 years ago, forget about it then out of the blue, remember it? 

That’s what happened to me and frozen grapes.  

I randomly tried some in college at a friend of a friends house and remembered thinking, “Oh, these taste like candy, BUT they’re grapes.” And promptly never had them again.

Until one day last month I found my self with unchilled glass of white wine and I thought, “You know what would chill this right up? Frozen grapes.” 

All you do is buy some grapes. Wash them up. Pour them in a plastic bag. Freeze them over night.

Plop them in your favorite glass of vino.

Not only does it chill your wine out, the grapes get a little boozey and that isn’t hurting anything.