May the Cupcakes Be With You

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is almost here! Being the Star Wars nut that I am, last year when The Force Awakens came out I decided to make the internet famous Princess Leia Cupcakes.

Hold on to your buns– they were fantastic. I’ll warn you, the strands of icing hair was a wee bit time consuming, but as you can see totally worth the cuteness.

Princess Leia Cupcake’s Step-by-Step Transformation:


I did take the extra step of making my own cupcakes from scratch. Box cupcakes are easy-it’s true. From scratch cupcakes are easy too and they taste SO much better. The quality of the cupcake is richer. Yes, you might have to measure a little more, but just break out the baking soda and do it.

I used Real Simple’s basic yellow cupcake recipe.


If you need a little extra girl power on your plate this holiday season or are throwing a Star Wars party, go for the cupcakes! Come December 16th, I know I’ll be baking up a batch.