Star Wars Food: Death Star Pizza

Just like the Empire I wanted a Death Star to call my own. Instead of making mine out of clones and space junk, I chose frozen pizza.

Star Wars Recipes

Rule the dinner galaxy with this easy Star Wars recipe! When it’s time for dinner and a movie the last thing this padawan wants is to make dish that’s super complicated. If you’ve never made your food match a feature film, it’s not a bunch of mumbo jumbo. The little extra step of a movie themed dinner adds so much fan to favorite flicks. Check out the end of this post for more Star Wars food ideas.

The Death Star Pizza is also a great Star Wars party food. Your little Rey’s and Kylo’s are gonna love it.

Star Wars Pizza:

To make the most powerful pizza in the universe you need three basic supplies.

Death Star Pizza Ingredients:

  • 1 frozen cheese pizza
  • A round cookie cutter or glass
  • 2 pieces of provolone cheese

Yep. It’s that easy.

Pizza Step By Step

1) Preheat oven per frozen pizza packaging.

2) Cut the center out of one of your slices of provolone cheese.

3) Place the piece of cheese with the whole in the center on top of the other slice of cheese and set aside. DO NOT PUT IT ON THE PIZZA! NOT YET! Patience, Luke.

4)  Bake your frozen pizza per directions.

5) When the timer goes off, remove your pizza from the oven and add your combined cheese slices to the upper right of the pizza.


6) Bake for 5 more minutes. By adding the slices at the end, your provolone cheese will keep its’ Death Star shape. Trust me.

Many pizzas were eaten to bring you this information.


Star Wars Food Ideas

If pizza’s not your thing, here are some other Star Wars Food ideas for your movie feast!

Rouge One: Jyn’s Macho Nachos

Jyn is a good soul and a fiesty fighter, so broil up some nachos and add a salad on top.


Empire Strikes Back:  Dagoboh Pasta

Yoda’s hideaway plant is a savory place. Add some smoked mozzarella, smoked tofu, sautéed button portabella mushrooms, and spinach to pasta for a hearty meal worthy of a Jedi Master.


Return of the Jedi: Jabba the Hutdogs

Just twist pigs in the blankets into Jabba shapes and bake! Add mustard and ketchup eyes for that slug stare.

And of course, Princess Leia Cupcakes


Find the recipe on this blog! 



May the Cupcakes Be With You

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is almost here! Being the Star Wars nut that I am, last year when The Force Awakens came out I decided to make the internet famous Princess Leia Cupcakes.

Hold on to your buns– they were fantastic. I’ll warn you, the strands of icing hair was a wee bit time consuming, but as you can see totally worth the cuteness.

Princess Leia Cupcake’s Step-by-Step Transformation:


I did take the extra step of making my own cupcakes from scratch. Box cupcakes are easy-it’s true. From scratch cupcakes are easy too and they taste SO much better. The quality of the cupcake is richer. Yes, you might have to measure a little more, but just break out the baking soda and do it.

I used Real Simple’s basic yellow cupcake recipe.


If you need a little extra girl power on your plate this holiday season or are throwing a Star Wars party, go for the cupcakes! Come December 16th, I know I’ll be baking up a batch.