meatless moday —- homemade pasta please

why don't i do this every time i make pasta?!

why don’t i do this every time i make pasta?!

when i started dishing up the meal for friends to eat the list got pretty long of homemade goodness….bread was homemade, noodles made that afternoon, grew the basil myself, veggies in salad came from family garden and for dessert homemade pie including my own crust. what i created for meatless monday is no doubt one of my favorite at home meals/treats to myself of all time……pasta with tomato sauce, garlic-basil cheese bread, salad and french silk pie for dessert. i love this meal. its my date with myself meal. its comfort on a plate meal. its put in moonstruck and eat italian food meal. and of course drink loads of wine. the question though i caught myself asking over and over….why don’t i make fresh pasta noodles all the time? seriously it is so easy and its sssssooooo good. i think perhaps i’ve found my next cookbook challenge the pasta bible!


meatless monday — sweet & sour tofu with ginger noodles

hand me a pair of chopsticks so i can dig in

hand me a pair of chopsticks so i can dig in

on one of my many “work is canceled because of snow” days this winter, the activity i picked to do was to make homemade pasta. but why just make normal homemade noodles, let’s get creative folks. my decision to spice it up a bit was to add lots of ginger to my dough. the plan… create noodles that would go well with stir fry or any other asian dish i create. noodles were made, bagged and frozen. now it was time to use them. sweet and sour crispy tofu i thought would be a good dish to try with the noodles. i wanted to actually taste that ginger. i also made up a batch of steph’s cashew rangoon, although i substituted cashews for sun-dried tomatoes, and meatless monday was served. it was yum, no doubt, but next time more ginger is going into that dough.