meatless monday — sweet & sour tofu with ginger noodles

hand me a pair of chopsticks so i can dig in

hand me a pair of chopsticks so i can dig in

on one of my many “work is canceled because of snow” days this winter, the activity i picked to do was to make homemade pasta. but why just make normal homemade noodles, let’s get creative folks. my decision to spice it up a bit was to add lots of ginger to my dough. the plan… create noodles that would go well with stir fry or any other asian dish i create. noodles were made, bagged and frozen. now it was time to use them. sweet and sour crispy tofu i thought would be a good dish to try with the noodles. i wanted to actually taste that ginger. i also made up a batch of steph’s cashew rangoon, although i substituted cashews for sun-dried tomatoes, and meatless monday was served. it was yum, no doubt, but next time more ginger is going into that dough.


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