meatless monday — personal pan pizza

oh how i miss pizza

oh how i miss pizza

its funny when you develop a food allergy what you end up missing that you can’t eat any more. pizza is a big one for me. yes i can make my own but i miss that frozen take and bake pizza, the ability to just order a pizza and have someone else do all the work, and the big thing have cheese that actually melts on the pizza. there are a few dairy-free frozen pizzas but honestly i have a hard time paying $10 for it and then when it says “cheese melts!” it never really melts just kind of warms up. this led me to an experiment, making my own personal pan pizzas that i freeze and then bake as i want them. i made up a batch of my whole-wheat honey pizza crust, which got me about 3, 6 inch pizzas, topped them with pizza sauce and several dairy-free cheeses, this i find is the key to get any sort of “melting” quality out of those cheeses. i decided to just stick with cheese pizza till i saw how well this whole experiment worked, and i also figured i could always add other toppings as i pulled them out of the freezer. that night however i baked one up for my meatless monday dinner. i made a marghertia pizza that fulfilled my pizza craving. now i love the idea that in my freezer are ready to be baked homemade pizzas that are just calling for future meatless monday dinners!


meatless monday — its a wee bit of Ireland!

you can't go wrong with pie crust as part of your meal

you can’t go wrong with pie crust as part of your meal

St. Pat’s day fell on meatless monday this year. it was also the last day of my dad’s part-time retirement job. that meant a fantastic feast needed to be made. on the menu: homemade vegetable pot pies, carrots, homemade irish soda bread, vegetarian scotch eggs, and of course irish ale to drink. the parents came over for the dinner. i kept some of the ingredients secret such as the radishes ( mom does not like) in the pot pie and the vegetarian sausage (dad would have preferred real meat) in the scotch egg. i wanted them to eat the food and see if they liked it before they found out what the official ingredients were. and the end result?……..clean plates all around!


6 hard boiled eggs

1 12 oz package of vegetarian breakfast sausage

1 cup plain bread crumbs

1 cup vegetable oil

* heat oil in a saucepan over medium to medium-high heat

* make 6 balls out of the sausage, roll them out till they form a thin pancake

*fold the flattened sausage around the hardboiled egg, cover the entire egg, pat it well so it is secure

*roll the sausaged egg in the bread crumbs till all the sausage is covered

*once the egg has been bread crumbed place it in the hot oil, turn the egg so all the bread crumbs become a dark brown

*allow eggs to cool to room temp, put on some irish music and serve with spicy mustard