meatless monday —- veggie dumplings with summer fried rice

i think i'm addicted to peanut sauce

i think i’m addicted to peanut sauce

at the asian market i like to go to they have this great BIG bag of frozen veggie dumplings almost 3 whole pounds worth. i love it! i also love creating fried rices, i feel they are sort of the kitchen sink of asian foods, throw in all your almost dying veggies and make them yum! i’ve dubbed this fried rice a “summer fried rice” why? well because it has all my dad’s fresh veggies in it. the man i swear gives me about 3 giant cucumbers everytime i come over. thus the rice had cucumber, onion, tomatoes, and carrots plus fresh basil and ginger, always add ginger. my dumplings stemmed while my peanut sauce simmered. who needs chinese take-out when i’ve got this?


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