What’s for lunch 8/19


ES —- chz chicken quesadilla, hot dogs, Mexican corn, refired beans, tator tots

MS —- nachos, enchiladas, hot dogs, Mexican corn, refired beans, tator tots


meatless monday: an experiment of nachos

hit me with that dip!

hit me with that dip!

i had the sudden realization that i hadn’t made much mexican of late, decision made let’s do nachos. note do not make nachos when you are SUPER HUNGRY. your plate turns into this giant mound of chips, beans, avocado, tomaotes, salsa, cheeses. the disappointing factor about the nachos was how the bottom chips became pure sog of beans and cheese. i won’t lie about my solution to the problem, it was to then go get the bag of tortilla chips and scoop up that soggie mess. while the nachos were yummy that blob of a mess they turned into was a real disappoint. i however was not ready to give up. a few days later i took the nacho ingredients i had leftover and created a layered bean dip. now that is the way to go…..dip, no sog of a mess but a well balance of all the fine mexican ingredients into one yummy bite after the other on crisp salty tortilla chips.