sunday night dinner: june 19, 2011 — BLT

certain signs of summer—homemade ice cream, the desire to buy popsicles, and making BLTs for dinner.   i must say my thought while making these sandwiches was….after 5 years of vegetarianism i never thought i’d be frying up bacon!

fryin bacon in cast iron

you know when a BLT is just right it is when you bite into and the tomato is sssooo ripe that it smears the whole sandwich causing it to all slide apart.  kind of making my mouth water just thinking about it.  and of course you have to have mayo on it no BLT is complete without mayo.  choice of side, what else but salt and vinegar potato chips.  potato chips my one true addiction, mmmmmmmm.

BLT with chips, summer classic

since it was father’s day as well i made a special dessert, dream cookies or better known as “no bake.”  why these for father’s day?  because i can remember when i was little when my mom made dream cookies  my dad and i would check ever 5 minutes standing with the fridge open just waiting for the cookies to set up with their ooohhey goooey-ness.  so i have always associated these cookies with my dad.  happy father’s day pop!

dream cookies



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