Shakespeare in the Park: Midsummer and Anniversary Eve Picnics


6 years ago on the night before our wedding we went to see Shakes in the park and we’ve continued the tradition every year (it’s Midsummer’s Eve too!). The weather was perfect and the verse was verse-y. We went twice this year for the Scottish Play.
Here’s our picnic’s this year…







Wish you could have been there! Maybe next year!


Sunday Night Dinner: June 26, 2011- Tomato and Mint Pasta

The first tomato from our garden!
So it must be time for Julia Child’s Fresh Tomato and Mint Pasta Sauce!

I happened to catch Julia making this one rainy Saturday and quickly committed it to memory– it’s so easy.

Fresh tomatoes (I used 1 large tomato for two people), olive oil that covers the bottom of the pan, 4 cloves of garlic (give or take), 4 or 5 fresh basil leaves and 4 or 5 mint leaves. Sauté it until the tomatoes soften and the sauce gets a little thicker, then call it done! Mint and tomatoes are so tasty together.


After 3 days of ball park food and crowds, we ate our fresh home-cooked meal on the sofa.
During the cooking portion of dinner we talked about our favorite parts of the baseball games, answered the crossword puzzle and discussed how John mowed around the sprawling pumpkin vines (tricky).

We mixed the sauce into angel hair pasta, and had cheesy Whole Foods bread and farmers market salad as sides. Much less heartburn inducing than the ballpark food.




For dessert we ate leftover wedding anniversary cake (#6!) and continued watching the season premiere of True Blood– not the best dinner viewing, but we had plenty of garlic to keep the vampires away.