sunday night dinner: june 12, 2011—“eat up what’s in the freezer”

ever once in awhile i do a week or two of eating up what i have especially the items in the freezer.  this is mainly so i can make more and then freeze the leftovers.  i daydream about deep freezers, no kidding.  so for dinner i baked up a frozen pizza i have had on hand for sometime.  for me i often don’t crave fast food but when i do love me some bake-able frozen pizzas.  my little guilty pleasure.  over the years my favorites have changed (although i will always love the 75 cent party pizzas) but lately i have totally been digging the california kitchen frozen pizza.  isn’t that wolfgang puck?

mmmmmm pizza

this pizza was a spinach and artichoke topped pizza, its one of my favs but, i really haven’t had a bad one and have been eyeing the ones that have bread sticks included, it just seems so decadent!  if you’re making pizza at home YOU NEED A PIZZA STONE.  even if it is just frozen pizza.  they are fantastic and you can also use them to make bread.  a pizza stone with a pan of water….volia instant brick oven.

nice and crispy pizza

and of course you can’t have pizza without a beer.  do to my fantastic best friend taggart i still have some boulevard wheat in my fridge which she brought from kc when she visited in may.  boulevard hasn’t really started shipping east of the mississipp,  so in east tennessee we ain’t got it.  i have totally had to figure out a new “go to” beer. and let me tell you that hasn’t been easy.

beer and pizza classic combo