sunday night dinner: june 26, 2011—jerk-curry chicken with rice

when i went and bought the groceries for this recipe it felt like a deja-vu experience.  maybe because i had bought the groceries for jerk-curry chicken 5 days before.  tuesday of last week knoxville had a micro burst sweep through town causing 125,000 people to lose power.  3 other times this year we’ve had massive power outages and both times i was fine so of course it was my turn.  5 nights 4 days without power.  if i had better prepared laundry and food wise i seriously think i could go off the grid for much longer than that.  every hopeful my power would be turned back on in a short amount of time i transformed my fridge into a massive cooler adding bags and bags of ice.  day 2 first casualty the popsicles and by the 4th day almost everything including my jerk-curry chicken ingredients.  needless to say not cooking for 4-5 days also was kind of driving me crazy.  i may have gotten a little over excited to start making my sunday night dinner.  for this celebratory occasion of cooking and having power i wore a new apron.

my new 70s terry-cloth apron

this recipe is one i’ve been wanting to try for a while.  it has some of my favorite ingredients in it; jerk seasoning, curry seasoning (which i swear you can add to anything and it makes it better), sweet potatoes, and peanut butter.  how could you go wrong.  it’s also a one pot dish, which when your  kitchen is tiny and you have no dishwasher is a total plus.  as i was throwing things in the pot i got sudden urges to add extras like red wine, and other veggies.  i soon concluded this is a “everything but the kitchen sink” recipe.

my one pot dinner

the stew like concoction is served with jasmine rice and was really yummy.  i put in a little extra peanut butter which was the right move.  sweet, salty flavors in a bowl of yumminess.

jerk-curry chicken with rice

for some extra “i now have power!” entertainment at dinner i began the first season of “Soap” on netflixs.  yes the ridiculous 70s comedy show that makes fun of daily soap opreas and has a very young billy crystal playing a gay man. and of course this entertainment was best enjoyed with one of my favorite combinations for dessert, vanilla ice cream topped with m&ms.  a celebration of being back on the grid was truly had!

it just looks like a party