that’s right slush.  mom doesn’t drink but she is the master mixer of slush, a summer tradition in the farris family.  slush is a yummy frozen combination of lemonade, orange juice, pineapples, apricots, vodka and brandy.  even as small children we knew the wonders of slush.  countless times non-alcoholic versions were attempted but they always froze solid and frankly just weren’t as good.  by ever 4th of july at least one batch of slush had been made.  i decided to bust out the recipe for a ladies night gathering and introduce knoxville to the wonders of slush.

slush in its natural frozen state

after describing it, the ladies were excited and game to try.  all demanded the recipe in hopes of having their tea-toting mothers into a drink with their daughters.  my favorite was when i handed over a glass to my friend courtney, her response…..”oh god damn!”  farrises have you all made slush yet?

alaina trying slush



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