Sunday Night Dinner: June 12, 2012- Cast iron double battered drum legs

Yes, that’s corn ready to be peeled and just one of our yummy side dishes last night. We had Mom’s Italian potato salad with Zesty Italian (I used little tiny farmers market potatoes and chose not to peel. That made them crisp to bite…I liked that), John’s favorite deviled eggs, steamed corn ala Stephy.

The main course was veggie griller or grandma’s double battered cast iron skillet fried chicken legs.

Now my meat eating is a little rare these days (as in not frequent) so it really has to be worth it. And it was.

The double battering was actually an accident. I forgot to dip them in the egg after I had already dipped them flour
(and of course they had been soaked in buttermilk). A crazy good accident I will be doing again and again. Check out the breading.


The dinner conversation was about which character in the movie Super 8 were we most like when we were Tweens. Then John told some pretty interesting food eating challenge stories from college involving milk…yikes.



And of course we had chocolate chip cookies for dessert! They did not taste like buttery place mats thank god.



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