meatless monday — black bean soup

oh yes the soups on monday are still happening.  this time i was seriously craving some black bean soup.  i was shocked to find out at the grocery store, quick and easy black bean soup whether in a can or a ready mix, is actually had to find.  my options were amy’s black bean in a can, wolfgang puck also had a canned black bean, panera now is selling premade soups at the grocery store but i felt their black bean was a little over priced, ortega has a black bean soup mix which for some reason i was really nervous about so avoided it and i finally settled on full circle’s premaid black bean soup mix.

trying something new

it’s always a little nerve-racking trying something new because what if it completely stinks.  however this soup was REALLY good, i may have even said that aloud to myself after i took the first bite.  i topped my soup with a little plain yogurt and cheddar cheese and ate some yummy hint-of lime tortilla chips with it.  this is what i call a black bean soup success!

just a little southwestern feel to it


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