the guber burger

what do i like on my cheeseburger?  peanut butter.  oh yes i said peanut butter.  where did i come up with this crazy idea.  one place ….. the wheel inn – drive in in sedalia, mo, home of the guber burger.  the guber burger is essential a basic cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, mayo and peanut butter. as a kid i used to think this was disgusting but then some peanut butter accidentally got on one of my cheeseburgers when we were eating there and i became a convert.  i even have a tee shirt to illustrate my love of the guber burger.

super fan of the guber burger

dad the other night fired up the grill for homemade hamburgers and as mom was pulling out all the items for burger toppings i headed right into the pantry and got the jar of peanut butter, declaring “i’m making a guber burger!”  although it wasn’t as good as the wheel inn- drive in, it was still a pretty damn good guber burger!

my homemade guber burger