meatless monday — beans and greens tacos

so this monday was supposed to have been one on my “lets do dinner!!!” parties but do to various schedule changes and me being tired from being out of town all weekend i canceled it.  however one thing i do believe in is that you should cook for yourself like you would cook for others.  meaning i still cooked up a hell of a meatless feast.

on the menu:  beans and greens tacos, mexican millet, mango-cucumber salsa and for dessert mint-chocolate chip cookies

can’t go wrong when goat cheese is on the menu

the beans and greens taco was good.  its sautéed spinach, red onions and beans topped with goat cheese.  although i actually prefer a taco i make of fried potatoes, onions, beans and topped with goat cheese better i decided.  the mango-cucumber salsa on the other hand was about the best salsa i’ve ever made!  i think what made it better than times i’ve attempted in the past was that i got a mini-food processors so it had that true salsa quality to it.  i may have just put it on everything for the rest of the week. i’ve never made millet before.  its a type of rice high in iron.  sort of a cross between couscous and rice.  i liked it though i’m not quite sure i cooked it long enough, it seemed to have a slight crunch to it.

mexican millet

true story about the mint-chocolate chip cookies.  the recipe makes about 2 dozen.  i put one dozen into the cookie jar and froze the other dozen.  everyday when i got home from work this week i’d eat about 2 or 3 or sometimes 4 cookies for a snack.  on friday i came home, told myself i was only allowed 2 cookies, reached my hand in the cookie jar and found there were only 2 cookies left.  it was so sad and at the same time a startling fact i ate a dozen cookies in a week!!

i probably could have eaten the whole 2 dozen


1 mango – chopped

1 8oz can of chuck pineapple – juice drained

1/2 cup cucumber -chopped

1/2 cup tomato – chopped

1/4 cup red pepper – chopped

1 TBSP green onion – chopped

1 TBSP cilantro

1 lime – juice from

1 jalapeno – seeded and chopped

*place all ingredients EXCEPT for cilantro and green onion into a food processor.  process on high with a knife blade till a chunky salsa emerges.  place salsa into bowl and stir in cilantro and green onion.  chill salsa for 4-6 hours to allow flavors to marinate.