A Love Letter from a Restaurant Regular

John and I are regulars at two restaurants: Dos Reales on 75th Street and Johnny Cascones on 91 St.

Dos Reales was a happy accident as most “regulars” experience. You just eat there a lot and the staff starts to recognize you.

Cascones is a different situation completely. Yes, I’m just going say it, we’ve worked at being regulars. Nine years ago we were dining there and loved the food and the atmosphere so much we decided to “become” regulars.

How you might ask? We ate there 3 times a month. We always put in a reservation by name. We remembered staff names and tipped like friends not customers. We even had our wedding reception there. Extreme I know…

Here’s the thing though, it was all done with genuine love for the restaurant, the food, and the people and over the years the staff and owners have noticed.

Nine years later, I bring the staff baked goods at Christmas, we get friendly “drop-byes” at our table from long time staff, they note when we haven’t been in for a while, and my most favorite thing – a handshake and warm chit-chat when we arrive and leave. I look forward to the day we’re the little old couple who get a hug when they walk in the door– that is my lifetime goal.
We’ve seen it happen.

But now I’m happy with the fact that they not only recognize us, they really like us. And I can’t help but feel
Iike (in a small way) part of the Cascones family — which is what being a regular is really about right?


Our Cascones dinner from Saturday night:

Emily with her shells, mushrooms, broccoli and cheese sauce .


Regular, John Young with his standard cheese ravioli.


And me with marinara, spaghetti and mushrooms.



Thanks for loving us back Cascones.


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