Hot Dog Dad

Our dad loves hot dogs. I think it’s beyond love actually and more like simple total devotion. So of course we had a hot dog dinner for him for Fathers’s Day…what else would we do?

Happy Dad.

Veggie dog and tots…that’s living people.



Need I say more?


meatless monday — give me those leftovers

3 times is usually my limit with leftovers.  as in i can eat it 3 times after making it before i can no longer look at it or consume it.  meatless monday was a hodge podge of vegetarian dishes.  the main course being a red beans and rice dish i did using a meatless chorizo sausage.

this was a total impulse buy but oh it was worth it

i also had some macaroni salad leftover and thought why not its leftover night.  i little unknown fact about me i’m a total sucker for grocery store/premade deli macaroni and cheese.  i think it might be all that mayo they put in it.  i love it and i’m not ashamed to say that.


First deck breakfast of the summer

This is a little habit I inherited from our Auntie Linda. Nothing like a strong tea, the paper and lovely morning sunshine.


Ah! Here’s to our long weekend!

I posted about this family habit two years ago on my other blog, thepiesthatbind on wordpress. Check it out if you want to see video footage of this family tradition!

20,000 meals in 20 days

how do you do 20,000 meals in 20 days?  simple its called summer school. at the end of the school year i got recruited to cook for summer school at the high school level.  summer school operates a little differently than the rest of the year as in all meals, i repeat all meals, are free to everyone, even anyone 18 years or younger who walks in off the street.  we do breakfast and we do lunch.

today we calculated the numbers and we are averaging a 1,000 meals a day.  currently on a staff of 4 ladies.  when i found that out i was so thankful.  i have been so exhausted from work which isn’t like me.  yesterday i even fell asleep on the floor of my living room for 45 minutes.  i thought i was getting sick or something but no just making a 1,000 meals in a day.  if the janitors weren’t helping run the dishwasher i don’t know when we’d get out of the kitchen. we had 5 ladies till our range cook slipped a disk in her back.  i normally function as a line cook, aka the pizza queen, plus making sure all things have been prepped and packaged for the rest of the lines.  deli, grill, salad, etc.  now i’m range cook, cooking all things hot and line cook, making 60 pizzas a day.

i have gotten pizza making down to a fine art.   you ready for this…..i can put together 5 pizzas in 5 minutes.  no joke i timed myself the other day.  granted the night before i lay out all the dough on baking sheets.  but in 5 minutes i lay out 5 presheeted pizza dough on my table, ladle a 1/2 cup of sauce and spread onto each dough, then each pizza gets 8 oz of cheese and a combination of 3 oz of meat and or 2 oz of vegetables. today they got a selection of deluxe (sausage, pepperoni, olives, and peppers) pepperoni, sausage, cheese, and some happy Hawaiian (ham and pineapple). i’ve caught myself daydreaming about other types of pizza i can construct…….margarita pizza so simple, just need to get fresh basil into the kitchen, or a taco pizza with leftover taco meet from nacho tuesday, cheddar cheese, black olives and jalapenos.  then i’ll think that isn’t sanctioned by the state or federal government and then i say screw that i’m going to do that any way you know why these kids need some good food!

My favorite meal from yesterday

We celebrated our favorite Beatle Paul’s 70th birthday Monday night by listening to his 2010 concert and, of course, eating veggie for the Meatless Monday founder.


On the menu: a Young/Farris Family favorite, Matzo eggs, lemon roasted potatoes, fruit and English muffins with homemade peach jam ( thank you mom).

Here’s to you Sir Paul! Cheers to your music, veggie spirit, and just being you.

meatless monday — happy birthday Sir Paul

sir paul the forefather of meatless monday

how fitting meatless monday landed on sir paul’s birthday this year!   i recently have gotten a little addicted to Dole’s salad kits, they are SO yummy.

look at them greens!

i highly reccomend,um ALL of them but for meatless monday i had the endless summer kit, along with some toasted garlic bread and yes my strawberry lemonade is in a beatles glass. happy birthday paul!


fully loaded breakfast cottage cheese

now that’s breakfast

RECIPE:  1 serving

1/2 cup cottage cheese (curd size and fat content is your own choice)

1 peach chunked (leave skin on)

6 blackberries

1/8 cup shaved almonds

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp honey

*place cottage cheese into a single serve bowl, top with peach chunks, blackberries, and almonds.  sprinkle cinnamon on top of cottage cheese sprinkle, drizzle with honey.


mother’s day hot fudge sundaes

if you ever go get ice cream with my mom be prepared, the woman brings her own pecans with her.  she never wants a whole chocolate sundae with all the nutty topping, cherries, ,etc.  so she’ll order a small cup of vanilla with chocolate sauce and then a quick rummage through the purse and volá, a Tupperware container of chopped nuts to add to her ice cream.  for mother’s day i thought of this and whipped up some homemade hot fudge and roasted some pecans for my mama.  now all she has to do is just order a cup of vanilla.

Diamond Jubilee Dining Week Continues: UN-fish and chips and leftover pie

un-fish and chips- Southbank London


John with his veggie fish and chips in London. We were there on his birthday last year.


For our homemade un-fish and chips, I choose to coat the slow melt cheese with egg, crushed Ritz crackers and a little flour. Yeah, I know it’s not deep-fried, but with melted butter in the pan that helped make up the difference.

I tried to make mushy peas again, but learned a hard lesson– don’t take a walk around the block and leave mushy peas simmering away with too little water in the pan. We had to quickly substitute non-mushy peas (they were fresh English peas though).

I also oven baked my chips– I know how “un” can you get, but it was a week night, what can I say.

The next night we had leftover Will and Kate Beer and Barley Mushroom pie with boiled potatoes and corn. It freezes and reheats so well.

Another Great Britain Jamie Oliver (Stephy tweaked veggie) recipe. Check out the original blog post for the how-tos!

One more meal to go and the celebrations eating ends– parting is such sweet sorrow.

Even Paul thinks so.