Mom is smitten with my true love chocolate mousse pie. I think when she ate it she actually said, “Why would anyone want any other kind of chocolate pie?” That’s true love for you! Check out my post from Gretel’s Oven.

Another pie post from my Gretel’s Oven blog. This pie was originally Lynley’s recipe…I just tweaked it a bit. Thanks sis!

ginger-sriracha deviled egg

at the last potluck i attended an asian theme was decided upon for the dishes.  what we all concluded after coming up with the them….”um i don’t really have any asian recipes”.   suddenly there was a fear of 5 varieties of ramen noodle dishes being brought.  the brainstorming for a dish began.

i decided a long time ago that any time i’m invited to a potluck i am not bringing a dessert.  this was because i once showed up at a potluck, with chocolate zucchini bread, and everyone, i mean everyone, had shown up with a dessert or bread, now that did cause some panick.  so to make sure there is at least something a tad bit hearty at a potluck i try to always bring something that can go well with bread and dessert.

for the asian potluck i went through my small list of asian themed recipes and threw them all out the window.  instead i invented a deviled egg.  how to invent a deviled egg, an asian deviled egg at that?!  raiding the spice cabinet for all spices i love in asian food….ginger, garlic, curry and of course sriracha.   it could have been a disaster of an egg, oh but it wasn’t!


5 hard boiled eggs

1/4 cup mayo

1/8 tsp garlic

1/8 tsp curry powder

1/2 tsp ground ginger

1/2 tsp sriracha

5 grape tomatoes – halved

10 whole cashews

*slice eggs in half and remove yolks, save whites.  Mash yolks in a bowl till crumbly, add in mayo, garlic, curry, ginger and sriracha — mix well.

*fell egg halves with one spoonful of yolk mixture.  top each egg with a tomato half and cashew. (for a little added color and flavor i suggest also topping with chopped green onion)


My kitchen tonight…

The smell of sweet onions.


Tiny tomatoes on the vine.


Sugar snap pea off the vine.


Twilight calm outside the window.


Grandma’s pitcher brewing tea.


Clean dishes ready for dinner.


Lima beans and last summer’s tomatoes bubbling on the stove.



happy hour time —- the willie nelson

i love willie nelson.  did you know that?  so i created a drink in his honor. enjoy!!!!

1 shot of whiskey

1/2 can of dr. pepper

3 blackberries


*in a glass slightly crush the blackberries, add whiskey, dr.pepper, mix, plop in ice cubes to keep drink cool and have a whiskey river of a good time!