ginger-sriracha deviled egg

at the last potluck i attended an asian theme was decided upon for the dishes.  what we all concluded after coming up with the them….”um i don’t really have any asian recipes”.   suddenly there was a fear of 5 varieties of ramen noodle dishes being brought.  the brainstorming for a dish began.

i decided a long time ago that any time i’m invited to a potluck i am not bringing a dessert.  this was because i once showed up at a potluck, with chocolate zucchini bread, and everyone, i mean everyone, had shown up with a dessert or bread, now that did cause some panick.  so to make sure there is at least something a tad bit hearty at a potluck i try to always bring something that can go well with bread and dessert.

for the asian potluck i went through my small list of asian themed recipes and threw them all out the window.  instead i invented a deviled egg.  how to invent a deviled egg, an asian deviled egg at that?!  raiding the spice cabinet for all spices i love in asian food….ginger, garlic, curry and of course sriracha.   it could have been a disaster of an egg, oh but it wasn’t!


5 hard boiled eggs

1/4 cup mayo

1/8 tsp garlic

1/8 tsp curry powder

1/2 tsp ground ginger

1/2 tsp sriracha

5 grape tomatoes – halved

10 whole cashews

*slice eggs in half and remove yolks, save whites.  Mash yolks in a bowl till crumbly, add in mayo, garlic, curry, ginger and sriracha — mix well.

*fell egg halves with one spoonful of yolk mixture.  top each egg with a tomato half and cashew. (for a little added color and flavor i suggest also topping with chopped green onion)



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