Hot Dog Dad

Our dad loves hot dogs. I think it’s beyond love actually and more like simple total devotion. So of course we had a hot dog dinner for him for Fathers’s Day…what else would we do?

Happy Dad.

Veggie dog and tots…that’s living people.



Need I say more?


meatless monday — give me those leftovers

3 times is usually my limit with leftovers.  as in i can eat it 3 times after making it before i can no longer look at it or consume it.  meatless monday was a hodge podge of vegetarian dishes.  the main course being a red beans and rice dish i did using a meatless chorizo sausage.

this was a total impulse buy but oh it was worth it

i also had some macaroni salad leftover and thought why not its leftover night.  i little unknown fact about me i’m a total sucker for grocery store/premade deli macaroni and cheese.  i think it might be all that mayo they put in it.  i love it and i’m not ashamed to say that.