London Pride


Guess what? We went to London (again)! You know that means– John and I had to have our standard veggie fish and chips with mushy peas at The Anchor. This pub is “our” pub when we’re in Londontown and this trip we decided to be week long Londoners who live Southbank (making The Anchor our legitimate pub).

I always sample the local ale and this time London Pride was on tap. It lived up to it’s name. Man I love pints!


It was also hard apple cider season. the weather was in the lower 60’s temperature wise so it kind of made sense for June. I tried Rosie’s Pig. It actually tasted like lemonade…which might be why the bartender was hesitant to just let me order it. But I’m a high adventurer!


“Yeah, but how were the veggie fish and chips?” you ask…

They were was so good…


(warm, barely melted insides…perfect)


…and then so gone!



Diamond Jubilee Dining Week Continues: UN-fish and chips and leftover pie

un-fish and chips- Southbank London


John with his veggie fish and chips in London. We were there on his birthday last year.


For our homemade un-fish and chips, I choose to coat the slow melt cheese with egg, crushed Ritz crackers and a little flour. Yeah, I know it’s not deep-fried, but with melted butter in the pan that helped make up the difference.

I tried to make mushy peas again, but learned a hard lesson– don’t take a walk around the block and leave mushy peas simmering away with too little water in the pan. We had to quickly substitute non-mushy peas (they were fresh English peas though).

I also oven baked my chips– I know how “un” can you get, but it was a week night, what can I say.

The next night we had leftover Will and Kate Beer and Barley Mushroom pie with boiled potatoes and corn. It freezes and reheats so well.

Another Great Britain Jamie Oliver (Stephy tweaked veggie) recipe. Check out the original blog post for the how-tos!

One more meal to go and the celebrations eating ends– parting is such sweet sorrow.

Even Paul thinks so.