fully loaded breakfast cottage cheese

now that’s breakfast

RECIPE:  1 serving

1/2 cup cottage cheese (curd size and fat content is your own choice)

1 peach chunked (leave skin on)

6 blackberries

1/8 cup shaved almonds

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp honey

*place cottage cheese into a single serve bowl, top with peach chunks, blackberries, and almonds.  sprinkle cinnamon on top of cottage cheese sprinkle, drizzle with honey.



Sunday night dinner: April 15, 2010- Jet Lag Feast

Last Saturday John and I spent 20 hours traveling home from London. After way to much airplane food, I was really looking forward to a home cooked meal. Yeah, I totally went overboard…


Mediterranean sun dried quinoa patties, fried potatoes, salad with snap peas (snap pea crazy these days)I also had a Farris family favorite cottage cheese with green onions.


Dad, Lyn, any family member– why do we eat this? No one else I knows puts green onions on cottage cheese. Is this a Boonville thing?

I also made Mom’s popovers, but they were welded to the muffin pans. I greased the cups…at least I think I did!
Dang jet lag. They were still good after I pried them out of the pan.


John looking 20 hours tired…