I see your 5 lbs box of chicken chunks with a 2 lbs pretzel at the Cubs game!

That would be spicy mustard sauce, cheese dip and a cinnamon icing dip...oh, yes.

Perspective-- the Northside Twist compared to my hand.

Shockingly enough, the mammoth pretzel was very soft and moist on the inside much like a really good human sized pretzel should be.

It looks like I'm eating a drum leg! While John and I shared the 2lb pretzel, we sheepishly watched a group of 6 share one-- all I can say is live hearty and eat hearty my friends.

It was so cold that April day that John drank hot cocoa! I thought this was a John and Stephanie food moment first (John doesn't like hot drinks), but he said no, he'd drank hot cocoa in front of me before...I still question this statement. I also used the giant pretzel box as a blanket...another good reason to get a 2 lb pretzel.

The Cubs even won!

Go Cubs, Go! (and yes, that is a giant macaroni noodle behind John-- food is everywhere!)


One thought on “I see your 5 lbs box of chicken chunks with a 2 lbs pretzel at the Cubs game!

  1. Lagos says:

    OH MY GOSH! That pretzel is ginormous! Its funny how you just ate most of it and the guy was just staring at you while you munched down on your pretzel and took pictures.

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