yeah that says 5lbs

certain things in life turn me into a 7 year old boy;  frogs are one, when i see one i must stop look indepthly at it and then resist the urge to find a stick and poke it, the other of course being chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs.


when i saw these at sam’s club i did not resist buying them.  i had to have!!!  and besides the inner 7 year old crying out for them, i had another justification for getting them. a couple of years ago at cosco i saw these exact same nuggets, at that time the adult in me didn’t allow the purchase of 5lbs of dino shaped nuggets and then the day i decided would be the day to get them cosco had switched to mikey mouse shaped nuggets, it was so sad. “i don’t want mikey moubut now after 4 years i can proudly chow down on some prehistoric shaped chicken chunks and contemplate how to replicate the volcano-esque way the made the bowl of ketchup look on the cover of the box.


One thought on “yeah that says 5lbs

  1. i wish they had flower shaped veggie chunks!! that’s how i feel when i eat peanut butter sandwiches and mac and cheese– that’s the meal that makes my inner 5-year-old very happy indeed.

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