Happy, Cozy Saturday Night Dinner at Urban Table

It was happy because we dined with our friend Emily.

Emily had a steak sandwich and a potato soup with a super kick to it. The waiter was very envious of this soup and sammie combination.

It was cozy because 1) Emily and I sat on a comfy bench surrounded by pillows and 2) the restaurant was peaceful and quiet because everyone else in town was watching the KU game!

(note to self– always eat at busy, trendy restaurants during all major sporting events).

Did you know that John doesn't have March Madness, he has Deviled Egg Fever?

4 kinds of bruschetta! Stephy was very happy. My favorite involved strawberries and basil.


TCBY– This can’t be in my freezer section!

All last week I had been craving an Oreo Cookie Blast from Sonic. Why didn’t I just go get one you might ask? The answer is, I don’t know- time, probably. Anyhoo, I decided on an emergency errand run to Wal-mart that perhaps we should make our own Oreo Cookie Blasts with my homemade whipped cream.

After cruising by Wal-Mart’s ¬†cookie aisle to pick-up the Oreo’s, I wheeled my cart of paper towels and TP over to the freezer section to pick up some vanilla ice cream. I was shocked to find pints and half gallons of TCBY yogurt waiting for me. Since I came to age during the 80’s and 90’s I do love myself some TCBY yogurt! It’s so hard to find TCBY frozen yogurt stores anymore (note the 80’s and 90’s reference).

I remember Mom, Lynley and I going to TCBY after school for a little pre-dinner snack. When I was 15 1/2, I walked down to TCBY at my first job to bring yogurt back for me and the other employee at the children’s book/toy store (she always ordered raspberry which I never understood). And I remember pulling up to the TCBY drive-thru during college with my roommates and buying the biggest sizes we could order (vanilla with cookie dough on top).

Standing in the aisle at Wal-mart all these memories came back to me. I had to buy some. And guess what? The freezer section TCBY tasted just the same. MAN, just writing about this makes me want some Oreos at least! Sad to say, John just informed me we are out. He blamed the neighbor’s cat, but since it never comes in the house and we don’t feed it, I’m seriously doubting this excuse.

Here’s our homemade TCBY Oreo Blasts.

Key ingredients…

Homemade whipped cream!

Dish up the Cookies and Cream frozen yogurt.

Crumble a couple of Oreo's on top of each.

Add two more whole Oreo's to each bowl. I dunked mine in the whipped cream and melty frozen yogurt.