I see your 5 lbs box of chicken chunks with a 2 lbs pretzel at the Cubs game!

That would be spicy mustard sauce, cheese dip and a cinnamon icing dip...oh, yes.

Perspective-- the Northside Twist compared to my hand.

Shockingly enough, the mammoth pretzel was very soft and moist on the inside much like a really good human sized pretzel should be.

It looks like I'm eating a drum leg! While John and I shared the 2lb pretzel, we sheepishly watched a group of 6 share one-- all I can say is live hearty and eat hearty my friends.

It was so cold that April day that John drank hot cocoa! I thought this was a John and Stephanie food moment first (John doesn't like hot drinks), but he said no, he'd drank hot cocoa in front of me before...I still question this statement. I also used the giant pretzel box as a blanket...another good reason to get a 2 lb pretzel.

The Cubs even won!

Go Cubs, Go! (and yes, that is a giant macaroni noodle behind John-- food is everywhere!)