sunday night dinner: may 22, 2011—edwin’s 4th birthday


today was edwin’s 4th birthday.  edwin is my co-worker ivan’s son.  ivan has been preparing us for this party for the past couple of weeks.  i was game to go when he walked over to me one day in the kitchen pointed at my cold line and said “see this, i’ll have 3 times this with food, tamales, enchiladas, everything.”  ivan is a fantastic cook and a real treat to work with.  though his english is way better than my non-existent spanish we work together well.  lots of goofing around and discussing of food.  i felt i finally won him over when he told me he liked an avocado-black bean salad i made as a special.  a sign up sheet was created for the party for all interested market employees, this i have discovered is a regular happening for any “family” outings that occur outside of work.

the meal had everything, roasted chicken, pork, beans, a variety of salsa including homemade salsa verde, hot sauce, 2 types of guacamole, beef. as we sat around you just kept seeing more come out of the kitchen, while ivan and edwin kept passing out drinks to everyone, ivan handing out beers to the adults and edwin passed out juice boxes to the kids.

the feast

the party begins

i created 2 rounds of tacos the first with the extra hot hot sauce that left my lips tingling and included a chunky guacamole and chicken.  the 2nd round was beef tacos with peppers and a puree guacamole

chicken and guacamole tacos

but the fun really kicked off when the cake was brought out and the kids were all given horns to blow.  the cake came from the local mexican bakery and was the most delicious thing i’ve had in a while.  moist cake that had chunks of oranges in it, yum. i know i’ll be dreaming about this cake.

allie and her horn

no birthday party is complete without singing happy birthday which was done twice once in english and once in spanish and horns sounding away.  all this made me realize adult birthdays are just lacking a little something. i’m tempted to ask ivan to throw my birthday party in the next couple of weeks horns, balloons, and party favors galore please!


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