Sunday Night Dinner: May 29, 2012- leftovers and cheesy biscuits!

Tonight we took advantage of the yummy green onion mashed potato leftovers that we ate with mom and for the first time on Friday night.
I had never made potato pancakes before and quickly learned I put too much sour cream in them.


Dad made them so moist on Friday they just didn’t need much of anything else. Eventually the pan dried up a bit and the potato pancakes held together better. I did burn my finger!


John waited very patiently in our 80 degree kitchen. I had to tuck a side of my long dress into my apron to keep cool. No pictures of that thank god.


Finally, dinner was ready.


We had Shirley’s cheesy ginger ale biscuits ( thought that fitting since you were at biscuit festival, Lyn) and salad with berries.


We talked about the report from the biscuit festival, what makes a fairy a fairy verses a red cap or pixie, John Water’s future cemetery plot and the riots the Rites of Spring caused when it was first performed.
All and all a typical dinner conversation at the Young household.
Oh, and I had seconds on everything!


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