biscuit fest!

last year i stumbled upon the 1st international biscuit festival in knoxville when i was visiting some friends. in a matter of minutes several thousand tickets sold out for the pride of the south, the biscuit.  this year living here i decided i was not going to miss out on the event of the year and my friends jessica, emily, julie and her daughter shyla drove 12 hours to the smokies to join me.

biscuit festival involves the following:  biscuit boulevard, where for a $5 ticket you get to sample 5 different types of biscuits, several different forms of a biscuit breakfasts kick off the day, there are cooking demonstrations with biscuits, biscuit cook-off competitions and last but not least the ms./mister biscuit pageant where men and women compete against each other to reign over the biscuit festival.  music, a farmers market and plenty of other downtown festivities are also all happening.

in celebration of the biscuit jessica made us all matching tee shirts to wear.  on them has a picture of biscuits and the title “small soft leavened bread fest 2011”  shyla, aka “the bean” had a matching onesie that declared her “biscuit bean.”  we suddenly realized wearing shirts with biscuits on them meant people asked you lots of questions about the festival.

renegade biscuit fest tees

the biscuit bean

once we got our golden tickets the sampling began.  although i will say everyone who had been at biscuit festival last year seemed to have the same game plan this year.  last year = no tickets after 10:15am, this year = everyone showing up for biscuit fest at the same time to sample even though there was plenty of tickets to go around.

golden tickets

jessica and emily milked their “i drove here 12 hours for biscuit festival” and ended up getting extra tickets for more sampling from some of the booths. what i learned and am offering it up for next year is this….. the sampling goes on till 4pm hold out.  i wandered back to biscuit boulevard around 2pm to see what was left for my finally 4 biscuits.  at this point of the day the place was empty some booths had packed up and left and others were handing me biscuits 2 at a time.

a sweet jalapeno biscuit

the basic buttermilk

my favorite biscuit actually came from the knoxville convention center. it was a cinnamon biscuit that was sliced in half and layered with homemade apple butter and whip cream.  the best part of all is they gave me 2 of them!

knoxville convention center with my favorite biscuit

i ate my batch of biscuits while watching the first round of the biscuit cook-off.  the round i got to see was the kids cook-off.  2 girls and one boy, the boy was very serious about baking, he even was wearing a chef’s jacket.

kids biscuit bake-off

to end the whole day i got to see the apron ceremony for the ms./mister biscuit pageant.  this pageant isn’t your normal beauty contest.  men and women compete against each other in 3 categories:  1. aprons–they must wear one of their own aprons and tell the significance of it 2.  biscuit talent–the talent must involve or be themed on biscuits 3.  the biscuit walk–biscuits are stacked on top of the contestants heads they must balance them as they walk across the stage.

ms./mister biscuit pageant

my friend jenna, the 2010 ms. biscuit, aproning the 2011 ms. biscuit

there is only 4 words to describe biscuit fest……it was a blast.  i already can’t wait till next year and maybe just maybe i’ve already started planning a talent that involves biscuits for the pageant.


Extra Helping: Dad and Steph grill salmon and mash some taters

Mom and dad came down for a quick visit, so we cooked together.

The menu:

*Salmon with mango peach salsa cooked on wooden boards (a concept new to all of us)

*Mashed potatoes with lots of butter, green onions and some cheese

*Steamed corn on the cob (Dad’s steaming his corn these days, did ya know?)

* A sad little orange just for something cook

* Dessert: Strawberry OR Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with homemade ice cream. Lyn, my pies were runny this time– tried out a new recipe that was easy, but I wasn’t happy with it! Cooking the strawberries first with lots of flour is a must a think.

Here is our meal in pictures:

Dad– for some reason my video didn’t work, so we will just have to try again some other time!

Mom supervising.



Sunday Night Dinner: May 29, 2012- leftovers and cheesy biscuits!

Tonight we took advantage of the yummy green onion mashed potato leftovers that we ate with mom and for the first time on Friday night.
I had never made potato pancakes before and quickly learned I put too much sour cream in them.


Dad made them so moist on Friday they just didn’t need much of anything else. Eventually the pan dried up a bit and the potato pancakes held together better. I did burn my finger!


John waited very patiently in our 80 degree kitchen. I had to tuck a side of my long dress into my apron to keep cool. No pictures of that thank god.


Finally, dinner was ready.


We had Shirley’s cheesy ginger ale biscuits ( thought that fitting since you were at biscuit festival, Lyn) and salad with berries.


We talked about the report from the biscuit festival, what makes a fairy a fairy verses a red cap or pixie, John Water’s future cemetery plot and the riots the Rites of Spring caused when it was first performed.
All and all a typical dinner conversation at the Young household.
Oh, and I had seconds on everything!