Still eating New Year’s Eve Ravioli

Just thought you all would like to know we are STILL eating the frozen cheese ravioli we made from scratch for the New Year’s Eve party.

This week we ate it as Last Minute Lasagna – layering spaghetti sauce, ravioli, cheese, one top of each other.
Yeah — it’s gooey and good.
I think of our exhausting ravioli making day every time I dig it out of the freezer.

Last Minute Lasagna





Sunday night dinner: April 15, 2010- Jet Lag Feast

Last Saturday John and I spent 20 hours traveling home from London. After way to much airplane food, I was really looking forward to a home cooked meal. Yeah, I totally went overboard…


Mediterranean sun dried quinoa patties, fried potatoes, salad with snap peas (snap pea crazy these days)I also had a Farris family favorite cottage cheese with green onions.


Dad, Lyn, any family member– why do we eat this? No one else I knows puts green onions on cottage cheese. Is this a Boonville thing?

I also made Mom’s popovers, but they were welded to the muffin pans. I greased the cups…at least I think I did!
Dang jet lag. They were still good after I pried them out of the pan.


John looking 20 hours tired…