Sunday Night Dinner: May 22, 2011- Sugar me some strudel, please!

I got a wild hair to make a Danish strudel and eat it with dinner. Not by it’s self although that is tempting to think about. Behold the strudel glamour shot…

For my first strudel ever (a cinnamon cranberry, apple strudel to be exact) I took the easy way out and made the yeast free dough- this means I had to add whole milk ricotta cheese to the 3 sticks of better that went in the dough. I ended up with butter all over my tiny food chopper and sugar crusted under my chin, but it was so worth it!
Oh yes, dessert for dinner is very good.

Our friend Megan joined us and we did eat other things like veg apple sausage with toasted pecans and wild rice, but let’s face it…strudel is strudel.




After talking about her garden “the land” and getting life updates from all at the table, we took a walk around the vegetable garden before settling in for a dessert of mixed berries.
We were suppose to have John’s late birthday treat of homemade chocolate chip cookies, but instead I dipped the cookies too big and made pan sized flat chocolate chip cookie place mats.

Confirming what Harrison Ford learned in the movie Regarding Henry and I wasn’t even trying to make a giant chocolate chip cookie!!

Mom – I need some chocolate chip cookie lessons STAT!




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