Sunday Night Dinner: May 8, 2011- British Home Cookin’!

After taking a very strange and amusing Jack the Ripper Tour of old London, we ended up eating Sunday night dinner at S&M.

The S&M stands for “sausage and mash”  (potatoes that is). This turned out to be the best meal we had in London– who knew it would happen the first night!!

It was late, so the kitchen kept running out of things, but our waitress was Scottish and very sweet. Despite the limited menu she wanted to make sure we all got what we really wanted.

Both Kendra and I ended up with veg. spinach and cheese sausages. They were so good! I had ordered butternut squash and cheese, but like I mentioned before, they sold out.  I will just have to make them myself!

John had waffles. When they ran out of blueberries and she wanted to know if he would like chocolate or banana’s instead. I told her bananas and no chocolate would be great, but she wouldn’t believe me until I finally said, “I’m his wife, trust me. He loves bananas and he won’t want the chocolate.” It was cute and funny and I was right.

For dessert Kendra and I had the rhubarb crumble. I should have ordered it with custard — very British– like Kendra  did, but I went for the ice cream. It was unbelievably good!! Maybe it was the jet lag, but it honestly felt like a home cooked meal even though we were across the pond!


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