sunday night dinner: may 8, 2011-jambalaya

although i full heartedly believe that i am an italian born into a german family, if i could pick another ethnic group to join into i’d be cajun.  i don’t know a lot about it, never been to the bayou but it all feels like it just makes sense.


when trying to decide which sausage to pick for the jambalaya there was no other choice when i saw the “ragin cajun” sausage brand

so good that i actually bought 2 packages

the beauty of the recipe i used is that you make it in the crock pot. to me, yes, it makes it seem like it isn’t a real jambalaya because i let the slow cooker do the work but, i love coming home and smelling dinner and i haven’t done anything really. i heart my crock pot!

friends alaina and justin joined in for the yummy goodness that also included strawberry ribbon cake for dessert.

ready to dig in

strawberry cake


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