Some of the things we ate in England…

London Brewed Young’s Gold Beer — I drank this twice. Not in the same meal, but I could have. Cheers!

Vegetarian Fish (very deep-fried cheese that really looked like fish) and Chips and Mushy Peas!

I love me some mushy peas! No peas for J.Y. Note the candle in his tarter sauce — to be explained later


A huge meringue treat at the Globe– yeah, I ate this twice too.

It was really messy. This picture doesn’t do the mess justice at all. Even if you are at Hamlet in Shakespeare’s Globe, wearing black and eating  isn’t a meringue  good idea. Ladies in the Gentry boxes got a good laugh at my mess.

John’s birthday dinner. Simple tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pasta and a fantastic view of the Thames. I stuck birthday candles in all his food that day, granola bar included. This was the only meal we actually had fire at!

I didn’t record the “pancake” with cheese I ate outside of Westminster or the smoked salmon and eggs I had for breakfast, or  the fact that the Jack the Ripper Tour ended at my long coveted Montezuma Chocolate Shop (Fate is kind) or the endless things I ate on the plane, but it was all good. And yes, my fridge is full of posh chocolates.


One thought on “Some of the things we ate in England…

  1. those pies don’t look as messy as those ice cream sandwiches we downed at the renn fest. i feel all covered in chocolate just thinking about it!

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