National Pie Day or the day I ate pie for every meal.

January 23rd is National Pie Day (I didn’t make it up I swear!)

So to celebrate I decided to eat homemade pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Here’s my day of pie!

Breakfast: A tiny strawberry pie.


Lunch: Sugar Cookie Pie (4 inches. Getting a little bigger!) and a warm steamed milk.



Dinner: A pie created just for tonight! Spaghetti Pie with a Pillsbury garlic breadstick “pie” crust.






So yummy and so easy!


Happy Pie Day to Everyone!


Sunday Night Dinner: December 12- hmmm, no wonder my tummy just wanted eggs.

So I spent last weekend baking things…

Friday I made fudge topped with candy canes. Not only did it involve 2 jars of Fluff, but also 6 bars of german chocolate.

While the fudge set, I had a piece of Sugar Cookie Pie. This is a  new recipe I’ve created and truly, can’t stop thinking about…or eating it.

Then Saturday  I made mom’s butter cookies. Christmas tastes like two things to me- peppermint ice cream and butter cookies (not together, but separate).

Well, I had to sample those to make sure they were ok…and they were.

While I packaged the cookies up for the neighbors, I was kind of hungry, so I had a piece of sugar cookie pie.

Finally on Sunday I checked on the fudge and DRAT- it didn’t set. A fudge failure. Of course I had to eat a few very soft pieces (4) to see if the fudge really wasn’t quality fudge.

Needless to say, my tummy was a little sugarized by dinner time. John suggested Matzo eggs, toast, and sleepy-time tea– good suggestion honey! Just what the tummy ordered!