Hello Kedgeree

So I read on-line that the first meal in the opening scenes of season 1 of Downton Abbey is a breakfast of Kedgeree. Not traditionally a veggie meal, BUT, that doesn’t tend to stop me when it comes to my love of British food.

Trusting my ever faithful Jamie O. I tweaked and twisted his recipe to become a veggie Kedgeree that would make Carson proud.

Serves 4

First, I chopped the veg and tofu:
1 white onion, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and I used garlic infused tofu instead of mackerel. You see there that I sliced the tofu more than chopped it because I wanted it to flake more like fish.


I cooked my white jasmine rice -4 servings.


While my tofu and onion got a little brown and crispy in two tablespoons of olive oil.


I got out the hard boiled 4 eggs I had prepared earlier in the day. John doesn’t care for soft boiled and though those seem to be more traditional, we went with hard boiled because a happy husband is a happy thing.


I added the rice to the tofu and onion, then the spices to the mix: 2 tsp curry, 1 tsp turmeric, a shake or two of pepper.


Because my eggs where hard, I chopped them up. I halved the tomatoes and added them to the pan (which was now cooking on low heat).



Oh, and don’t forget the “scatter” of parsley when you add the eggs next!


I stirred it all up into one giant, yummy, yellow breakfast for dinner.


This is a seriously hearty meal in disguise, so be ready! You’ll want to eat a few helpings, but the heartiness will win in the end.

We also had the last of my Yorkshire puddings from the freezer reheated in oil and butter in a skillet. That worked out so much better than the microwave!



The customary greens…


And I had a new-to-me British ale that was left at our house by a friend.


I have never seen so many instructions on a beer can. They were worth it .



See, when I blog first thing in the morning it just makes me not want to go into work and cook the meal all over again. Alas, someone had to pay the grocery bills.

Good-bye for now, Kedgeree.



sunday night dinner — downton abbey style

so the past couple of sunday night dinners that dad has created have been down the lines of something like this………………….

the farrises at dinner

well actually no, not so much like that, but we have been seriously distracted by the soap opera of downton abbey coming to an end.  last week we even had an in-depth conversation of what would be a good downton abbey themed cocktail, mom yes my mother, even got out bartending books to look up drinks.

steph and i currently have a frozen custard bet going on about whether or not mr. bates really killed his wife, i say no she says yes, alas we won’t know till next season!!!!!!

with the season finale last night i suggested, to kick off the third season, we should start a pool for plot developments, think like a super bowl pool except for a pbs 20th century historical masterpiece theater, i think someone could win some serious money $$$$

now that we won’t have in-depth plot discussions, or contemplating a downton abbey worthy meal, i will perhaps start remembering to take pictures of the wonderful food dad makes on sunday nights.



sunday night dinner: january 15, 2012 — beef wellington

miss maggie smith

“yummmy, yummmy, yummy”  is a maggie smith quote that we use quite often at meal time, even though it comes from gordsford park, it still seems appropriate for downtown abbey.  in the theme of fabulously everything british on sundays dad busted out beef wellington. honestly i think if you put anything in a puff pastry it just makes it a thousand time betters.

beef wellington

RECIPE (a la jamie oliver and art farris)

1 lb beef fillet

peppers, onions and dried apricots –diced to make 1 cup of mixture

8 slices of parma ham

dijon mustard for brushing beef fillet

puff pastry — one frozen sheet rolled out

egg wash

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1 glass white wine

sea salt & freshly ground black pepper

extra virgin olive oil

1.  preheat oven to 390, season beef with sea salt and black pepper.  heat a pan with olive oil and fry beef on high heat until it is browned. let cool.

2.  mix peppers, onions, garlic,  and dried apricots to form a puree.  add puree with a glass of white wine to pan and cook till wine evaporates.

3.  on a piece of plastic wrap layer parma ham, puree and beef (brushing beef with mustard) cover with plastic and keep in fridge 30 minutes.

4.  unwrap meat.  roll out pastry dough and put meat in center.  egg wash the edge of the pastry  and roll up pastry.  turnover and egg wash over the top.  mark the pastry using the back of a small knife to make a cross hatch.

5.  bake at 390 for about 30-35 minutes. allow to rest before cutting and serving.


sunday night dinner: january 8, 2012 — roasted chicken

in honor of the premiere of season 2 of downton abbey dad whipped up a pompous worthy roasted chicken.

the bird

while the rest of the meal was being made (which included mashed potatoes, peas, cole slaw, and some left over eggplant parmesan) dad and i speculated what was going to happen on this WWI epic.  definitly mathew at some point will become wounded and missing making mary realize that she does love him.  i saw he’s going to wind up with a bum leg dad says temporarily blind.  we all hope the youngest cybil ends up with the political rebel chauffeur and the family concluded whatever maggie smith does is perfect because well she is maggie smith.

dad cooking and coming up with plots

we all huddled around the table and waited to see what would happen.  i advocated that for the rest of the season we create british themed meals to go with our british miniseries, mom however declares there is no good british food, the debate continues.

ready to dig in