sunday night dinner: january 8, 2012 — roasted chicken

in honor of the premiere of season 2 of downton abbey dad whipped up a pompous worthy roasted chicken.

the bird

while the rest of the meal was being made (which included mashed potatoes, peas, cole slaw, and some left over eggplant parmesan) dad and i speculated what was going to happen on this WWI epic.  definitly mathew at some point will become wounded and missing making mary realize that she does love him.  i saw he’s going to wind up with a bum leg dad says temporarily blind.  we all hope the youngest cybil ends up with the political rebel chauffeur and the family concluded whatever maggie smith does is perfect because well she is maggie smith.

dad cooking and coming up with plots

we all huddled around the table and waited to see what would happen.  i advocated that for the rest of the season we create british themed meals to go with our british miniseries, mom however declares there is no good british food, the debate continues.

ready to dig in



dinner time with mom and dad

the parental units came to visit over the weekend.  inter-mixed in the tours of historic plantations, shopping, and going to movies, we ate some spectacular food.


Pasta Dinner made at home:   the first night dad and i wiped up a meal of pasta, salad, and bread.  secretly what i was most excited about was the frozen coconut cake for dessert.  these cakes i associated with mom, and home, and i became a tad bit determined we have one for dessert.

dad cooking away


mom & dad's first night in knox


sssoooo yummy


can't go wrong with one of these cakes


ye olde steakhouse:   When listing off options of where we could go get dinner for saturday night on the list was Ye Olde Steakhouse.  dad’s face let up when i said old steakhouse where they will basically cut your steak to whatever size you want.  with glowing eyes he asked “when was the last time you had steak?!”  at that i knew we had to go.  and i’ll admit it was damn good.  i don’t eat a lot of red meat, but do enjoy a really good steak and they did it perfectly.

ye olde steakhouse had dad at their cheese and crackers


salad and spoon bread to start the meal


rib eye with sweet potato


chicken and potatoes:  on sunday we spent the whole day in asheville exploring the biltmore mansion.  dinner for sunday night was yummy but also quick and easy.  a roasted chicken from the grocery store, some mashed potatoes, salad, and a bottle of wine from the biltmore winery.


craving the chicken


ready to eat


dad went for the fancy wine


me drinking the wine