meatless monday — pesto painni

birthday presents just make a meal better

birthday presents just make a meal better

it was my birthday and what this birthday girl wanted was cast iron. my big sis let me pick out a piece and what i choose was the grill pan and with some birthday $$ i got the cast iron press to go with it. what did i envision while shopping…..homemade painni heaven. a little impromptu meatless monday dinner party with my friend ingrid as the experimental taste tester of my first attempt at homemade painnis, i made up a batch of fresh pesto, loaded up my bread of the week, a pain polka, with diaya mozzarella cheese, and pressed away. the sandwiches were accompanied with a spring mix salad tossed in poppy-seed dressing. glasses of wine and gossip flowed. and the painnis….to die for!


meatless monday —- lets do dip for dinner

summer of yum

summer of yum

since january i’ve been working my way through the bread bible week by week one recipe at a time. british breads are done here comes a la france. first up the classic baguette. needless to say an all day baking experience. and what to eat with it? if i don’t give the bread away occasionally or plan meals around it then i have loaves piling up around me. i figured a monday taken over by baguette baking, i’m probably going to be tired cranky and just want dinner at the end of the day. so while my dough was going through various rises, knocking back, and baking, simmering slowly in the crockpot was some dairy-free spinach artichoke dip. i’ll tell you nothing is better than taking fresh baked bread and dipping it into cheesey-gooey-ness. yes my friends this might just be the summer of dips for dinner!

look at them loaves

look at them loaves

meatless monday —- southwest quiche

why don't i make more quiche?

why don’t i make more quiche?

ever just catch yourself thinking …..what am i going to eat for dinner? all the standbys just aren’t going to cut it. i was planning meals the other day and was struggling with just that question and then while looking at what ingredients i had on hand it hit me…….let’s make a quiche. quiche its wonderful. 1. its in pie crust 2. its loaded with eggs for protein and 3. you can put just about anything in it and it’ll taste yum. i went with a southwest quiche theme. i roasted some leftover squash, cut up onions and tomatoes, seasoned my egg mixture with cumin, garlic and cilantro and then spread in some dairy-free pepper jack cheese. what made it to die for quiche, topping it with a little salsa before i dug in. mmmmhhhhmmm this might be the summer of quiche.

meatless monday — vegetable lasagna

you can't go wrong with this

you can’t go wrong with this

mmmm lasagna. after having worked in italian restaurants and put together my fair share of pans of lasagna as a lunch lady too, wiping together a lasagna is nothing now. my ingredients included homemade tomato sauce that i had in the freezer, layers of heirloom tomatoes, squash, zucchini and onions, and of course loaded up with vegan cheese. the apartment may have gotten a little warm with that oven baking away but a wonderful rainstorm kicked up and when the lasagna was done i took a big hearty slice out onto the balcony to feel the cool breeze, listen to the rain and eat my yummy summer lasagna. hello monday!

meatless monday — cinco de mayo style

the crew was gathered

the crew was gathered

when cinco de mayo falls on a monday what else is there to do but have a dinner party?! i created a vegan feast for the holiday that seems to kick off summer. on the menu………

the key to plantains is to wait till they are almost black

the key to plantains is to wait till they are almost black

super cheesey plantians and rice

super cheesey plantains and rice


black bean and avocado salad

black bean and avocado salad


homemade mango-cucumber salasa

homemade mango-cucumber salsa


mexican popscicles

mexican popsicle




1 box of your favorite popsicles — i highly recommend edy’s outshine

coconut flakes

red pepper blacks

cinnamon and sugar mix

spray bottle of water

* lightly spray the popsicle with water — this helps your topping stick. pick one of your toppings or create fun combinations such as cinnamon and sugar with red pepper, sprinkle the coating onto all sides of the popsicle,place popsicles on a try that has wax paper down, refreeze for 45 minutes before serving.