meatless monday —- lets do dip for dinner

summer of yum

summer of yum

since january i’ve been working my way through the bread bible week by week one recipe at a time. british breads are done here comes a la france. first up the classic baguette. needless to say an all day baking experience. and what to eat with it? if i don’t give the bread away occasionally or plan meals around it then i have loaves piling up around me. i figured a monday taken over by baguette baking, i’m probably going to be tired cranky and just want dinner at the end of the day. so while my dough was going through various rises, knocking back, and baking, simmering slowly in the crockpot was some dairy-free spinach artichoke dip. i’ll tell you nothing is better than taking fresh baked bread and dipping it into cheesey-gooey-ness. yes my friends this might just be the summer of dips for dinner!

look at them loaves

look at them loaves


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