meatless monday —- southwest quiche

why don't i make more quiche?

why don’t i make more quiche?

ever just catch yourself thinking …..what am i going to eat for dinner? all the standbys just aren’t going to cut it. i was planning meals the other day and was struggling with just that question and then while looking at what ingredients i had on hand it hit me…….let’s make a quiche. quiche its wonderful. 1. its in pie crust 2. its loaded with eggs for protein and 3. you can put just about anything in it and it’ll taste yum. i went with a southwest quiche theme. i roasted some leftover squash, cut up onions and tomatoes, seasoned my egg mixture with cumin, garlic and cilantro and then spread in some dairy-free pepper jack cheese. what made it to die for quiche, topping it with a little salsa before i dug in. mmmmhhhhmmm this might be the summer of quiche.


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