tuna melt special ala moon city cafe

blue plate special

blue plate special

there used to be this great cafe in downtown springfield, when i was growing up, the moon city cafe.  my fam went all the time on saturdays.  i loved it. a little dingy and funky with npr always playing.  my favorite thing to get, a tuna melt with pasta salad.  i had the sudden realization the other night when for dinner i was making but what?  a tuna melt with pasta salad, i think since the age of 10 i may have been trying to recreate my favorite meal at moon city!  this i will say was one of the best versions of the melt plus pasta salad combo in a long while.  the secret to this time’s success?   oh the wonderful sandwich maker!  this is my ode to moon city cafe.  i do miss you so!!


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