meatless monday — muffaletta revisited

a little muffaletta

a little muffaletta

the question was…..can you freeze a whole muffaletta?  the answer is YES!  when i made a vegan muffaletta for meatless monday some months back i had a whole uncut muffaletta left over.  so the experiment began, freezing the sandwich.  this week was a clean out the freezer week and the muffaletta came out for this monday’s meatless dinner.  and yes shockingly you can freeze a muffaletta.  i rebaked it and added a little provolone cheese.  it was as yummy as the first time.  the ladies at work got curious about it when i brought in the leftovers for lunch.  this resulted in a little muffaletta tasting with the extra slices.  conclusion…….yum!


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