its all about the brats baby!

i’ll admit it i sometimes get a little too excited about planning meals and then going to the grocery store. i love it, what can i say.  that excitement was rapid the other night when i new on the menu was…..bratwursts with sauerkraut and blue cheese mashed potatoes.  my friend elise was over for the day, we were both working on art projects for an upcoming gallery show, and the smells of the brats in beer and sauerkraut teased us all afternoon. but then it came time to mash some potatoes and bust out the plates for dinner.

good ol'german meal

good ol’german meal

elise ready to chow down

elise ready to chow down

as elise and i dug into our meals we played a few rounds of dominoes.  and for dessert?  kit kats!  oh yes it was a good yummy fun dinner.

bones baby

bones baby


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