mexican mac and cheese

an everything but the kitchen sink mac & cheese

the other night i was horribly tired, under the weather and couldn’t breath out my noise.  while the last thing i wanted to do was cook and eat something i knew i needed dinner.  all that sounded good was mac & cheese.  as the pasta was boiling away i started cleaning out the fridge to see what needed to go and what needed to stay.  looking at the items that were taking up space in the fridge that needed to be used up i realized they were all mexican themed and all could go into the mac & cheese.  kidney beans, peach salsa, green pepper, onion, half a tomato  all got mixed in, topped it with the last little bit of guac i had, i know mac topped with guac sounds weird but oh so good, and mexican mac & cheese was born.  now thinking about it i think i was hopping this odd combination of flavors would penetrate my cold and hopefully make my noise run, it was just what i needed that night.


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