national school lunch week 2012 — wednesday

grilled cheese with apple slices 

pumpkin pie


ok so these are not school lunches.  that would be because we didn’t have school today.  god bless teacher work days. if there aren’t kids to feed lunch ladies don’t have to work.  the other day we all agreed we’d never want a “normal job” all we do is count down till the next 3 day weekend, then thanksgiving vacation and once christmas has come and gone you start looking forward to spring break and spring break marks the final days till summer vacation, aka 3 months of paid time off.

so what did this lunch lady do on her day off?  it involved a fall trip to “the orchard”  or better known as sunshine valley farm. best homemade bread and pie in tow.  i chowed down on a grilled cheese sandwich which i like to put my apple slices on, drank some hot apple cider and finished the meal off with pumpkin pie all while being surrounding by apple orchards, pumpkins and the lovely company of my friend elise.  i was also informed on this trip to the orchard that if you ask the right people they’ll do “fancy grilled cheese” for you.  when’s that next day off?



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