meatless monday — creamy tomato pasta

can’t go wrong with a bowl of pasta

despite the fact that it’s now october and we have had freezing temperatures, dad’s garden just keeps chugging out tomatoes.  for meatless monday i decided to create a creamy tomato sauce to use up the giant bowl of tomatoes i have.  first i sautéed tomatoes, garlic, onions, and red peppers in olive oil.  while that was sauteing i sent the noodles to boiling.  for a change and to use up the box of random lasagna noodles i broke up the lasagna noodles real small to create a more eatable noodle.  once all was sautéed and boiled i tossed them together.  to get a quick and tad bit healthier cream sauce the secret is goat cheese. crumble goat cheese into the hot pasta and viola cream sauce.  not bad for using up a lot of leftovers.


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